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Resume Tips
By Anita Singh
Points that should be kept in mind while drafting one’s Resume:-
  • Recall your career plan as this will be your basis for determining the resume format that will suit you most.
  • Second thing that can make your Resume notable is  just put forth your strength in the form of a definition, as if you are defining yourself.
  • Put forth your educational Qualification in a detailed manner along with the grades/percentage.
  • Its necessary and a plus point to you to mention your experience.

  • Reverse Chronological Format of  Resume
  • Reverse Chronological format is the good resume format for traditional and     conservative industries like academe and law and especially suited for those applicants aiming to stay in the same profession or position.A reverse chronological resume enumerates a candidate's job experiences in reverse chronological order, generally covering the last 10 to 15 years. Positions are listed with start and end dates. Current active positions on a resume typically have the start date listed to present or the current year. Both are considered acceptable.
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